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If there is a project in your future that needs a builder who can work seamlessly with your architect or designer to integrate the planning, design and building of your project,  please contact Marvel Homes to arrange for a visit.

You can benefit from good advice before beginning your home construction project.  We hear stories from homeowners who wish they had known upfront what they learned the hard way through a home renovation project that did not go as expected. We have been called in to complete such projects many times. 

Click here to find a description of what you can expect from a Marvel Homes Project and to learn more about the process of engaging a builder.  These tips are provided free to you and reflect our team’s years of experience and commitment to a superb experience for our clients. 

We want you to know what questions you should ask any contractor— and what you can expect from Marvel Homes.

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Marvel Homes, LLC. An outstanding company, a great reputation—built by word-of-mouth.

The success of Marvel Homes is a direct result of our four basic commitments to our clients:

  • Unconditional commitment to meet schedules and deadlines on time
  • Emphasis on staying within budget
  • Highest standards of quality
  • Dedication to clients, ensuring your satisfaction

There is no typical Marvel Homes client.

We work with people who want to transform their homes – whether through an addition, renovation, new construction or home improvement project. When our clients are ready to undertake a major project, it is often one for which they have planned and saved for many years. They want to get it right and make the most of their space, time and investment.

We are seasoned at working with clients who are new to the process of home construction and renovation.

We communicate and plan with you every step of the way so there are no surprises – and you have an accurate budget and timeline for your project.

To learn more about our reputation and work, check out some Client Testimonials.