We Never Leave You In The Dark

Our commitment to customer satisfaction includes a smooth process from start to finish – not only quality results.

Home construction or improvement projects are often first-time or once-in-a-lifetime experiences for our clients. For us, the process is well known and understood. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

We take the time to communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you know what to expect and how to contribute, and to ensure your input on the decisions that arise along the way.

We begin by reviewing the design and providing an accurate estimate of costs. We work with you to refine the budget and design and then provide a detailed proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, Marvel Homes develops a schedule for the project for review and discussion. We then pursue permitting and finalize our start date.

Our Process


Sitting down with clients to fully understand their vision.


Making that vision into a workable and realistic design that meets all of the clients expectations.


Turning the clients dream into a reality.


PLANNING - Translating your ideas into reality.

The Planning stage forms the foundation for the design and building stages ahead. Early, thoughtful, and detailed project planning helps owners make wise investments with their time and money.  Marvel’s planning process answers the Client’s question, “Where do I begin?” 

Marvel’s professionals help clients fine tune their home or remodeling ideas into workable concepts from which detailed plans can be created—the first step into making clients’ dreams realities.  Using our experience from work on similar projects, we are also able to develop a rough estimate of cost expectations early on.  Once design ideas and cost issues are addressed, a design professional  is determined who will translate ideas developed with the client into a workable plan— taking into account all the elements that a client wants to achieve.  Any potential problems are identified, a road map is developed, and the journey begins for another successful building project.


DESIGN - The Marriage of Your Vision with the Practicalities of the Project.

Each Marvel Homes Client Is unique.  Marvel Homes’ planners are adept at guiding Clients through the complex variables inherent in building and remodeling. Our planners can address architectural and design alternatives as well as their associated costs and permit requirements.

Design is the most important part of remodeling. A good design leads to a job that stays on schedule and on budget.  Typically, it takes as long to design a project as it does to build it.  Although the design fee is separate from the construction fee, collaboration of the Marvel team and the designer during the design process helps to maintain your target budget.

Marvel Homes has worked with many architects and designers throughout the years. If you do not have an architect or designer on your short list, we can recommend one.

We have worked with Steve Backus of JSB Designs  www.backusdesignbuild.com  for many years and have been rewarded with many satisfied customers. Steve is a great designer, has a keen background on building, great customer rapport, and works along with Marvel to give the customer what they want, within budget, and on schedule.   Whether you use our designer or yours, from concept through construction, Marvel partners with your architectural designer to bring the master builder’s perspective into the process, collaborating from the beginning of the project. As the architect translates your vision into innovative design, we help them to ground it in financial and construction realities and ensure the highest-quality building solutions.

Marvel Homes provides the project schedule and price, so that you can move forward with confidence and construction. We provide project management that tracks budget, schedule, and incorporating design changes.


BUILDING - Marvel Homes Builds Excellence into Every Project, Every Day.

Founded in 2001 as Marvel Home Improvement, we have evolved into a company that  is considered the builder of choice for many families in the DC/Maryland metropolitan area who want to transform their environments.

Our company continues to evolve, but our fundamental ethics will never change—Marvel Homes delivers functional, sustainable projects and quality craftsmanship.

Once the contract is signed, Marvel  provides a detailed schedule with a start date and a completion date.  We set an aggressive schedule, but also leave room for the unexpected during the planning and design process to mitigate any unforeseen potential problems that may occur. Your personal schedule will include the major construction milestones such as Foundation , Framing, Drywall installation, plumbing, inspections and when we will need decisions or items from the home owner.  Devin Nasvaderani, owner of Marvel Homes, is always available by phone if questions arise.

Our Clients Value the Intelligent Work Generated by Every Marvel Homes’ Team Member.

Challenges can occur during any construction project. You are the most important member of our team as we collaborate to develop innovative solutions.

Clients appreciate the experience, knowledge, and ability of Marvel Homes’ team that allows them to suggest solutions should a problem arise.   If there is a problem, we solve it.  The building process progresses smoothly because we work closely with our clients throughout planning and design stages. Our clients appreciate dealing with people who step up to ensure superb results.

Marvel Homes believes that the proof of excellent design and construction is how well the building performs its intended functions years after the project is completed. Sustained building performance is one of the reasons that clients keep referring Marvel Homes to their friends and family members. 

Building a "Green" Home

Marvel Homes Welcomes Projects that Seek to be High-Performance Green Homes.


We look for Green alternatives on all projects, as every decision makes a difference.

Green buildings are a successful synergy of resource efficiency, environmental sensitivity, and attention to human health and well-being. The benefits of building Green include reduction of waste, decreased water usage, energy savings, reduced operating and maintenance costs, improved indoor air quality, and increased occupant health and productivity.

Marvel Homes, LLC is in the process of obtaining the accreditations of a Green builder. We understand the importance of being Green.

Green buildings incorporate:

  • Appropriate land use and environmentally sensitive planning
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies
  • Water conservation
  • Green building materials, durability, recycling and waste management
  • Indoor air quality and occupant health and comfort

We have a good knowledge of how to make your home energy as efficient as possible.   From small items, like installing timers on bathroom fans, to larger elements like proper HVAC systems, we look out for the environment by recycling, reusing, or donating demoed material when possible. We take into consideration protecting the trees and landscape in the areas we work. We are open to Green building such as solar panels and hot water heat.